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This word probably already punctuates most of your conversations. Though remarkably important, a strategy isn’t just a flowchart to success or a ‘5 Year Plan’. At its core, a strategy attempts to identify the roots of existing issues and solve them. All successful strategies understand the peril of staying largely macro. They are guidelines or action points that manoeuvre not just the enterprise as a whole but individual functions too. At Consupts, we recognize that strategies can’t and shouldn’t be isolated to realize only financial goals. Along with a directive of what not to do, a successful strategy solves enterprise-wide problems.

Each winning strategy developed by Consupts takes a unique three-pronged approach of diagnosing, creating guiding policies and formulating a coherent action plan. Understanding the culture, people, and goals of your enterprise and analyzing all current strategies in place are concomitant with the diagnosis. Defining and aligning your enterprise’s strategies to the culture, its people and your desired goals and business outcomes imbue definition of guiding policies. Inclusive brainstorming, teamwork, planning and transparent communication lead to a coherent action plan for:

Red Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy

Enterprise Strategy

Function-level Strategies

Business Unit Strategy

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