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Do 24 hours never seem like enough hours in a day? After a long productive day, are you left with a nagging feeling that something crucial was left undone – your monthly board meeting is around the corner, the keynote or a customer presentation was approaching its deadline or your company’s social media barely raked views or attention, requiring you to revisit the marketing strategy?

Delegating tasks may often put you in a conundrum, especially if you are short-staffed (or a start-up). Run the business or work on essential tasks not core to your business? To save you the agony of the choice, Consupts offers to take over everything from planning to executing tasks like branding, marketing, HR management, operations, IT and accounting, and finance – even acting as social media marketing consultants.

While you work to make your business scale heights exponentially, we help your enterprise thrive by giving it the fodder it needs to run smoothly.

We help you strategise and execute for:

Enterprise Strategy



Human Resources


Enterprise Technology

Accounting and Finance

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